2020-2016 / Concours 1er Prix / SWISS EMBASSY Washington DC / Rénovation, transformation chancellerie de William Lescaze (1959) / FOBL / Berne / Consortium Christian Dupraz Architecte Sàrl (Genève), DLR Group (Washington DC)

Project of Renovation of the Swiss Embassy in Washington DC / Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics (FOBL) , Berne / Architect (leading firm) Christian Dupraz Architects Sarl, Geneva, DLR Group, Washington

The Swiss Federation is in possession of a park-like site on Cathedral Avenue N.W. Washington DC, on which the Swiss Embassy is located. The project described here the Chancellery Building, wich was built in 1958-59 by the architect Wiliam Lescaze. The building has been well maintained over the years, with minor interventions being made necessery. Some parts of the building are at the end of their useful life cycle and must be repaired. It is important that the heritage of the building be preserved. Five bidding consortia comprised of US and Swiss firms are invited to submit a project.