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2015 / Sélection / Concorso d’architettura – Spazi per la didattica / USI – Accademia di architettura / Concorso a una fase con procedura selettiva / Mendrisio © ChristianDupraz Architectes

Mendrisio must respond to a request for the expansion of the university campus where no space is available in the in existing constructed fabric, marked by a tradition of « architectural objects, » Casa Croci, Villa Argentina and Palazzo Turconi. It therefore involves proposing an alternative through the capacity of the edifice to adjoin the current buildings and to redefine existing spaces. The option of a compact construction at the edge of the plot, whose principle façade in the foreground and a levelling of the area behind, allow the creation of a garden but also the preservation a maximum area of natural terrain and the ability to replant old felled cedars.
The new building « spazi per la didattica, » the Palazzo Turconi, the Theatre of Archittetura and apse of the church benefit from the generated empty spaces. Present but discreet, the building contributes to the functioning of the sector by connecting at the level of via Bolzani, the Theatre, the OBV and the Turconi. Its height is integrated in the decreasing volumetric progression and as a function of the slope, in the direction of the valley, it remains the lowest sector.